Barcode Printer technical description

A barcode printer also known as a barcode label printer is a special designed hardware component for printing and creating barcode labels and is similar to a normal printer. They come in different sizes from hand-held, desktop barcode printers to large stand alone for heavy-duty barcode label printing.

There are two different ways barcode printers can print barcodes, the first is Thermal Transfer and the second is Direct Thermal.

Thermal transfer barcode printer

Thermal transfer printers produce heat that melts a resin or waxy like substance on a ribbon that flows over the tag or label material.

Thermal transfer allows printing barcodes on a broader selection of materials than direct thermal printing but is usually more expensive. The type of material needed to print barcodes on is an important factor when deciding which barcode printer to buy.

Direct thermal barcode printer

Direct thermal printers use a print head to produce heat which causes a chemical reaction in special paper to turn the paper black on the pre-defined area

Direct thermal printers are generally less expensive, but produce labels that might become unusable if exposed to heat, sunlight or chemicals.

Barcode label printer - Buying the right one

The different barcode printers are created for different markets. Industrial barcode printers are used in manufacturing facilities and large warehouses where reliability, speed and mass production is impotent. They hold larger paper stacks, operate much faster and have longer service life.

For office and retail environments, desktop and possible handled printers are most used and recommended due to lower cost


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